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Scott... It's Greg & Lisa! Is this really you and Christopher? We're out for our anniversary and thought about you two... Hope your holidays have been wonderful and blessed! We'd love to he back in contact with you guys! Happy new year!
Love all your work and always experience heaven when I listen to your performances.
So great to hear you & your entourage in concert in Chula Vista. I've put the Sept 20 program at Martini's on my calendar.
Thanks for the kind message, we miss you here in San Diego.
I will never forget the send off from Chula Vista when I was fighting for the life of my spirit which was dying inside. You lift my spirits and my Spirit.
Love your voice I could listen to you sing all night
Thank you for coming back to El Dorado to talk to the band and choir group! You're stories are inspiring and also funny. You're ak excellent piano player and have a great voice. Thanks again and I hope you come back soon! Elana Linker
Great music. Thank you for using your talent to glorify our Lord!
Congratulations Scott. This is a wonderful site and a great tribute to your musical talent. I love you!
Scott, Your music is truly beautiful! It has been many years my friend, but God has blessed you. I will be purchasing a copy of "This Christmas" for my classroom. I wish you all the best!
I am so very proud to know you as you have grown as a musician. You are a very special person in my life and i love you more then anything else is the world..I miss you when i dont hear from you.. but i am very privilaged to call you my friend.. I love you

This Christmas