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            Society Cabaret
My lifelong dream come true! SOCIETY CABARET is San Francisco's new premier cabaret experience. Society Cabaret is over-joyed to announce our elegant and intimate new home at HOTEL REX in San Francisco's Union Square. The Hotel Rex is San Francisco's answer to the Algonquin. Surrounded by 1920's and 30's glamour,guests can linger in the Library Bar for cocktails and conversation. An extensive menu of American classics with a European influence will be available in the cabaret room. Society Cabaret patrons will be immersedin an ambiance of arts and culture. Our established home is located at 562 Sutter Street between Powell and Mason. San Francisco
           Lamb's Players Theatre
My absolute theatrical home. The most amazing group of performers, artists and people you will ever meet. All coming together for a common entertain, yes. But to tell great stories well. Under the magnificent leadership of Robert Smyth, Deborah Gilmour-Smyth and Kerry Meads, this organization taught me everything about who I am as an artist today. I am forever grateful.  Please support this outstanding organization.
Outreach International
For more than 30 years, Outreach International has provided sustainable solutions to help end extreme poverty around the world. Projects don't end poverty—people do. That's why our key investment is in the people themselves—men, women and children with stunning resilience and untapped intelligence and creativity.

Since 1979, Outreach International has been working with the world's most marginalized people to create solutions to help end world poverty. We are currently working in 10 impoverished countries, reaching hundreds of thousands with our mission to create permanent change.
We believe that giving a gift without educating a community to use it, repair it or cultivate it, is no gift at all; it's a quick fix to a problem that will continually resurface. And we don't want to create short-term solutions for world poverty, we want to change it forever.

By giving impoverished communities the tools they need to maintain and continue their own successes, we can change their lives for generations. 

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